Cloer Coffee Maker Review

By Coffee / January 31, 2016
Cloer Coffee Maker
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Cloer has made its name in the market as one of the top Coffeemaker manufacturers with its stylish products. You can find all kinds of coffee makers with Cloer to suffice your coffee needs.

With its wide range of products, choosing a single Cloer machine can be much harder than it needs to be. The trick is to know your requirements in terms of features, styling, and sticking with your budget.

Here, we have prepared review of 2 of the best coffeemakers from Cloer on the market. These products vary in terms of price, style, and features. But rest assured - these are the top 2 best products from Cloer.

Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker

The first Cloer coffee maker on our list is the 5228NA that is claimed to be capable of 12 cups of coffee. Keep in mind that it’s not 12 American cups, but 12 European cups of coffee. The unit features a swing-out removable filter basket with cone-shaped filter (#4) that provides full-bodied flavor. It also features a pause and serve function.

It comes with plenty of handy features like a keep-warm plate and hidden cord storage. The company has claimed that it will accept a Mavea Maxtra water filter cartridge, but this is not included in the packaging.


  • The second water chamber that has been featured in the machine pre-heats the water right away unlike traditional brewing systems. This helps to produce better tasting coffee
  • It features shower head with 18 holes which allows maximum flavor extraction
  • Removable water tank comes with graduated cup markings. This makes filling the cup and cleaning it afterwards easier


  • The machine is plenty powerful, which makes the machine rock back and front. So if you are uncomfortable with this, you might want to consider other options
  • There have been complaints about the durability of the unit

The machine from Cloer Coffeemaker is remarkable. It brews at a high temperature which prepares coffee without any bitter aftertaste. Handy features like the push button for removing the filter basket, hot plate, and hidden cord storage makes it stand out among products in the category.

Its affordable features and excellent value for money makes it appealing to all coffee addicts. The unit can be ordered in black or white color.

Cloer 5238NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker

The unit from Cloer comes with a carafe capable of holding up to 12 cups of coffee. It features a removable filter basket that can be swung out with a push button. A #4 sized cone shaped filter is also included in the packaging for full bodied flavor.

It has been constructed with high-quality stainless steel that assures its durability. The product is available in white and can be easily ordered from Amazon.


  • The pause and serve function makes its operation highly convenient
  • Keep-warm plate featured in the product makes sure your coffee stays warm for several hours
  • The hidden cord storage allows cords to be neatly tucked away, keeping your countertop clean


  • The company has mentioned that the product can accept a Mavea Maxtra water filter cartridge, but it isn’t included in the packaging so you will need to buy your own cartridge.
  • It seems bit too pricy when compared with the products offering similar amounts of features

This 12-cup bitterness-eliminating coffee maker is a fantastic product from Cloer that will serve all your coffee needs. Whether you have more than one coffee drinker in the house or one cup of coffee won’t suffice you, it’s the perfect machine for you that has been equipped with a warm plate and large carafe.

Also, the machine features a user-friendly display screen with easy to control buttons. The machine will shut off on its own after 2 hours of inactivity. Overall, it is a magnificent coffeemaker for all coffee addicts.


Comparing the features, the Cloer 5218NA is easily the best product of the 2. The machine is available in two different colors and is also the cheapest. With its wide range of features, it offers the best value for money in comparison.

There is no competition for the Cloer 5238NA on our list in terms of features and quality. The machine is well-built, superb to look at and brews quickly. The only problem is its expensive price tag.

Make sure you properly study pros, cons and features of each products mentioned on the list in order to make an informed decision.

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