The Best Espresso Machine- Our Reviews and Advice

By Coffee / October 19, 2015
The Best Espresso Machine
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Best Espresso Machines on the Market Today!

Thanks for checking out our reviews on the best espresso machine!! Espresso is the best solution when you’re feeling lazy, but having to go out to grab a cup every time you crave one can be a time-consuming and expensive routine. A lot of folks wish they had their own espresso machines and desire to be their own baristas. Luckily, there are hundreds of manufacturers producing coffee makers just for home use. Today, we will try and help you with your research on the best espresso maker for you!!
Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. It’s a type of strong black coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly-boiling water under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans.

You’re not ready to take on the world until you’ve had your espresso drink, and going out to grab a cup every time you crave an espresso is a frustrating routine, not to mention waste of time and money. You can check out your options for the best espresso makers, which will allow you your favorite drink right at home. There are makers costing from under $50 to $500, $1000 and even more. But don’t let that scare you; you should know what you want.

What To Look For When Purchasing An Espresso Machine

There is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than waking up each morning to a rich and flavorful cup of coffee made just the way you like it. At certain times of the day or night, you may even find yourself craving for this warm beverage. This is why it is best to invest in a good quality espresso machine, so you can prepare your drink anytime and anywhere you want. Aside from having the drink done your way, you will also get to save money since every trip to the coffee shop adds up to your expenses. Plus, it is more convenient to just make coffee at home because you no longer need to head out just to get your cuppa.

With all these in mind, we're here to give you a guide on how to purchase the best espresso machine for your needs. This shopping guide features the different features you may want to look for in a quality machine, along with the types of espresso makers in the market and other relevant pieces of information you may want to know.

Basic Factors to Consider

When it comes to buying an espresso machine, your choice will have to come down to several factors that can impact your decision. Among these are the following:

1. Size

A robust and high-performance machine is without a doubt the best way to go when it comes to an excellent purchase worth your money. However, your choice is limited if the counter space you have at home is not very spacious. There are bulky machines that can take up so much space in your kitchen, and you may end up having to put away your other cooking appliances because of the lack of counter space left. This is why before you shop for an espresso maker, make it a point to check first the size you need. Then, this should help you narrow down your search and focus only on options with the right dimensions that match your preference.

2. Operation

It is never fun dealing with a complicated espresso machine that requires a steep learning curve for you to get started. After all, an intricate machine defeats the purpose of having to prepare coffee at the comfort of your own home – and in just a few minutes. So, when looking at a vast selection of machines in the market, think about the ease of operation such as the steps involved to brew the coffee, as well as the amount of effort necessary to give your espresso shots the fullest flavor and aroma that you want. Some machines may also require you to use additional equipment for preparing coffee such as a grinder. Whether simplicity matters more to you or loads of hi-tech functions to use for the coffee-making process, be sure to keep your preference clear in mind as this will lead you to the product of your choice.

3. Price Point

Espresso machines can range from $150 to over $500. The price range can be a huge factor that will affect your choice since as much as you want to splurge on an excellent espresso maker, your budget can restrict you from doing so. But this does not mean that you should just settle for the cheapest, yet lowest quality machine you could possibly buy. What good is it to save a few dollars if you will only end up regretting your decision in the end because of your frustrations in using the machine? Thus, you should also keep the quality in mind as you search for the right espresso maker to purchase.
While it is true that there is no reason to blow up your budget on a good machine, you should look into the capabilities and features of the item. Check on its ability to grind espresso beans and brew them in a way that will attain the proper consistency and fineness. These all impact your overall satisfaction once you take a sip of your coffee and learn more about its texture, aroma, and flavor all at the same time.

Types of Espresso Machines and Their Features

Below are some of the types of espresso makers in the market, along with their key features, benefits, and limitations. After reading these, you will have an idea on which item meets your needs and preferences the most.

1. Super Automatic

If you want to get things done with just a press of a few buttons, then a super automatic espresso maker is what fits the bill. These machines use advanced technology that make every operation seamless, straightforward, and quick. In fact, they are highly sophisticated that all you need to do is to pour the beans into the machine, and just let it do the rest. What's good about these machines is the coffee grinder that is built right into the unit. There are also brewing mechanisms that handle the grinding of the coffee beans in an automatic and almost instantaneous manner. This means that once the beans are inside, the machine grinds these, fill the basket, brew the coffee, and dump all the used ground beans into the waste container also found inside the unit.

The entire process may take about 2 minutes, which is much more convenient than having to do these steps yourself. In case you feel like having another shot of espresso, you can just repeat the cycle and get your next brew going. With the ease in the whole process, you can enjoy as many shots as you want anytime. There are also espresso machines that allow you to prepare latte or cappuccino as these can froth milk for your beverage. With either an auto milk frothing component or a steam wand, such espresso machine offers multiple opportunities for you to prepare your favorite warm beverage in very simple steps.

Limitations to Consider

Although there is no doubt that a super automatic espresso machine is highly efficient and convenient to use, there are some limitations to keep in mind. Sure, there are minimal skills or practice necessary, but the brewing flexibility you can get is quite limited. This is, of course, depending on the unit you purchase whether it lacks the feature that allows you to adjust the water temperature, fineness of the coffee grounds, and the brew volume. There are also some espresso makers that only allow you to use whole espresso beans or pre-ground espresso, but never both of these options.

As for the size of the machine, super automatic ones are much heavier and bulkier than the semi-automatic units. So, if you are trying to save on your kitchen counter space, you may have some issues making the espresso machine fit without occupying the whole space left. Price-wise, these machines are more expensive than the semi-automatic option because of the sophisticated and complicated features available to these espresso makers. Expect to pay about $400 or more, depending on the model and functionalities included.

2. Semi-Automatic

If you are on a tighter budget, you may want to go for a semi-automatic espresso maker. These units come with an electric brewing pump that you need to turn on and off. You will also appreciate the ease and simplicity of operating the machine, but there is a need for manual intervention to complete the entire process of preparing coffee.

Primarily, the coffee-making process involved is quite straightforward and simple. Just a little practice may be needed to master the art of preparing a nice brew without any stress at all. As you improve your skills on making coffee using this type of unit, you can achieve an authentic flavor and aroma for your espresso.

Limitations to Consider

Before you decide to buy a semi automatic espresso maker, you may want to look into some limitations it comes with to make the most out of your purchase. While it is generally a breeze to use, you can expect the whole process to be a little messy when it comes to dealing with the used coffee grounds. There is also a greater deal of manual intervention involved since it is not a fully automatic unit. But as you use the best quality coffee beans and become an expert in using the machine, you can make the finest and authentic-tasting espresso that comes with a thick and flavorful crema.

Additional Information

With a semi automatic espresso machine, you will have more flexibility throughout the brewing process. There is also no limitation on the espresso coffee you can use, along with the grind fineness. In fact, it is easy to attain your desired result by having more freedom on the tamp pressure and ground coffee volume you can use. Whether you prefer to use paper espresso pods or pre-ground espresso, these are widely accepted by semi automatic machines.

Semi auto machines come with less sophisticated mechanical components. The internal mechanisms are simple, and there are no circuit boards included. For a space-saving option when it comes to espresso machines, semi automatic is your best bet because of the compact size. The price point is also quite reasonable because for less than $100, you should be able to find a basic semi automatic espresso maker that meets your needs. If you want to go for a unit that is much higher than an entry level machine, then the price also goes up. But it should still be more cost-effective than a super automatic unit.

Pressurized Vs. Non Pressurized Portafilter

Semi automatic models may either come with a pressurized or a non pressurized portafilter. If you choose one with a pressurized portafilter, this means that there is a built-in component that limits the flow taking place as you brew. As a result, the cream turns out rich and creamy regardless of the fineness of the grounds. You will like this feature because there is no need to buy a more sophisticated coffee grinder just to achieve the finest coffee ground quality you prefer. What's more, you can always use any type of pre-ground espresso as you wish. So, for a minimal learning curve and less budget for an espresso machine, a semi automatic unit with a pressurized portafilter is a decent choice to consider.

A non-pressured portafilter, on the other hand, is a straight-through kind of a design without any restrictive device. There is also a metal filter basket with perforations used on this type of portafilter. With this type of portafilter, the result of the brewing process depends largely on your way of preparing the coffee grounds since it will produce the required amount of restriction to facilitate the suitable pressure for the extraction. It may take some experimenting and practice to become a master of using an espresso machine with this portafilter, but you will be impressed with the outcome afterwards.

3. Manual Lever

Everything about this espresso machine type depicts craftsmanship and perfection. A manual lever espresso maker is what you need when it comes to brewing the finest and most exquisite-tasting espresso. But with that kind of result, it usually means having to master a higher level of skill before you can reach your desired quality. This is why only espresso purists who have the time and interest to perfect the art of making this beverage will find this unit suitable to their needs. You become a critical part of the entire brewing process, which newbies may easily give up on.

Features of the Manual Espresso Maker

A truly authentic and old-world style of preparing espresso may be just what you can expect from this type of machine. It is also the most intricate to use, so you will need to have more patience and practice to master the techniques in using this machine. As the name implies, this espresso machine is purely mechanical, so everything involves manual intervention. This is both a benefit and limitation since you get the most flexibility in preparing your drink, yet it can be a little cumbersome to deal with, unless you have the dedication to use this unit.

As a practical advantage, you will like the fact that there is minimal counter space occupied by this type of machine because of its compact size. But take note of the price point – the cost of this machine may go from $800 to even a thousand dollars. Although the price tag may be plenty heftier than the semi-automatic or super automatic, you can expect the unit to last for decades. Just be sure to take good care of this machine and keep it well-maintained to ensure its excellent condition for generations to come.

4. Capsule Espresso Makers

In terms of superior convenience, a capsule espresso machine is a great choice, particularly in a commercial setting where it is a necessity to have coffee ready in a matter of seconds. This is why restaurants, coffee shops, offices, and similar establishments have an ever-reliable capsule type of espresso machine. This unit is very simple to operate because since you only need to insert into the machine the capsule that contains pre-filled coffee grounds. Then, with just a single press of a button, you can have an amazing cup of thick, rich, and perfectly made espresso. Some of the capsule espresso makers come with an auto milk frothing system or a steam wand, which allows you to make latte drinks or cappuccino using a single unit.

Other Things to Know about a Capsule Espresso Machine

For the most part, many people like this type of unit because of the simple way of using this machine. There is no need for a huge amount of skill or practice to get started or to master the technique of making espresso using this unit. It only requires you to fill the reservoir with water, put the capsule in, and press the button. The rest is up to the machine to do!

These machines have simple to slightly complex components, which can be somewhere between what a super auto and semi auto model has. But mostly, these units have a computer board, along with mechanisms that facilitate the processing of the capsule. As for the size, there are larger units and more compact ones. You should be able to get yourself a capsule espresso maker for less than $200, typical of an entry-level model, or something more expensive than that for units with greater functionalities.

Price Matters

Generally, you should be able to find espresso machines for about $500 or less for popular brands such as Krups, Delonghi, Breville, and Sunbeam. However, there are units that can go up to over $2,000! Let's take a look at how prices matter when it comes to the quality and capability of the machine.

$500 to $1000 Range

Cheaper units within this price range do not come with an auto-boiler refill sensor, so you will have to be on guard to prevent damages to the heating element. Fortunately, you can expect these units to heat up faster, as well as producing foam more efficiently because of the good steam power. These are also smaller boilers, and you will not be able to make more than 4 shots of espresso if your goal is to maintain the authentic taste and overall quality. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, a $500 unit should suffice.

$1300 and Under $3600

You can expect more sophisticated components from a high-end unit at this price range because after all, what else would you be paying for? Among these components are the pressure gauges, reservoir level sensors, and auto-boiler refill. These machines also come with a commercial grade type of rotary pumps, so it is possible to plumb them into the water mains. This allows you to get an endless amount of shots even if consecutively. In fact, you can even steam something as large as a 1-liter jug with so much perfection and speed with a maximum recovery time of 60 seconds. For an added convenience in making coffee, there is an accurate thermostat on these units.

Over $4500

When it comes to optimum consistency, you can never go wrong with a double boiler. The brew boiler may go from 330 to as much as 880 ml, which is supposed to be used only for brewing purposes. As for the steaming boiler, this can go up to 2 liters for the super fast steaming of one jug after another. But if there is one thing that may be unimpressive about these units, it would be the complicated electronics inside the machine. This is why things are bound to go wrong at some point. So, it may be best to look for a unit with just minimal electronics to attain the finest quality in your coffee consistently and without the possibility of unexpected malfunctioning issues.

Bottom Line

There are indeed so many features to consider when it comes to buying an espresso machine. Plus, you can find numerous brands and models in the market, which can make it even tougher for you to make just one choice. However, to make the buying process much easier for you, it is best to consider your needs, preference, and budget before you make a purchase. This guide can also give you some ideas on what to expect from each type of machine depending on the price tag, along with the functionality available. All of these are important to think about to ensure the best purchasing decision that is worth every dollar you pay.

These home machines are easier to operate and are also cheaper than those huge fancy machines used in cafés. There’s an unbelievably long list of espresso machines you can choose from, which makes it an incredibly hard task, so here’s a list of some of the best espresso machines on the market.

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

The espresso machine from Nespresso is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon at present. This simple-looking unit holds a 24 ounce water tank and comes with programmable buttons to have your brew ready within a minute. The machine features backlight indicators, water level detection, auto power-off, used capsule container and convenient power cord storage, making the espresso maker easy to operate. It’s 12.83 inches by length, 4.33 inches by width and 9-1/4 inches by height and is fairly inexpensive, yet still offers plenty of features.


  • The unit features programmable buttons for espresso and lungo, so you can easily switch between the types of drink you prefer
  • The machine heats fast and you can have your coffee ready within a minute. The company claims the time to brew to be within 25-30 seconds
  • It’s an energy-saver with its auto power-off mode
  • The machine has a cute design and size, which makes it great for smaller kitchens that don’t have much counter space
  • It comes with folding drip tray for larger cups and recipes
  • It produces quality coffee, and the crema is excellent


  • The water reservoir is smaller than the ones used in most machines, which means frequent refilling. Also, removing the tank is not straight-forward
  • The cup tray folds for taller cups and it is great except that it does not stay folded up on its own. You’ll need to hold the tray with one hand while holding the tray with another, which might not be convenient for every time

The Nespresso is one of the best espresso machines in the category. It looks attractive and is smaller in size, which is suitable for kitchens with smaller counter spaces. That does lead to the cons above, but know what you want and it’s an amazing buy. The coffee-quality is excellent and switching between the different drink types is not an issue. It’s great value for money.

Here is a really nice video on the Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Café Barista Espresso Maker

Mr. Coffee is a reputed brand when it comes to espresso machines. This home appliance from the company well lives to the quality standards set by it and provides a variety of features for an affordable price. It’s easy to switch between single- or double-shot options of espresso, cappuccino or latte with the one-touch control panel.

It also comes with an automatic milk frother which makes frothing up milk in creamy cappuccinos and lattes an effortless task. The product dimension is 12 by 14 by 12.2 inches; it weighs 9 pounds and costs under $200.


  • It features a removable and washable drip tray to keep the brew space neat, and the removable milk reservoir fills, cleans and stores easily
  • The adjustable cup tray allows the use of variety of cups
  • It comes with clear and comprehensive instructions
  • The 15 bar pump produces enough pressure to prepare the froth
  • The product from Mr. Coffee is a complete unit, which means you will not need to purchase an external frothing carafe for the milk, as the one attached works fine


  • The machine seems to lose its pressurization capability with time, leaving with you an espresso maker and just that
  • You have to apply substantial amount of force to insert the milk container into the machine and take it out

This is another addition to the long line of fantastic brewers from Mr. Coffee. The operation is made easy because of the clear instructions, and it’s a complete unit overall. Whether you want an espresso, cappuccino or a latte, all your needs can be instantly fulfilled. Cleaning is easy with its removable water reservoir, milk reservoir and drip tray. It’s fantastic value for money, too.

Here is a really nice video on the Mr. Coffee ECMP1000 Espresso Machine

Breville ESP8XL Café Roma Stainless Espresso Maker

The next one on the list is a quality espresso machine from Breville. It’s made from stainless-steel and features a 15 bar thermoblock pump for high pressure, and dual wall filter system for excellent crema. The water tank is large, measuring 1-2/7, and the external water window indicates the amount of water in the tank.

The machine as a whole measures 9 by 9 by 12 inches and comes with a year of limited warranty from the company.


  • The stainless-steel used for its construction is of top-notch quality and it is bound to last for years
  • The dual wall filter system makes the crema excellent, and it also comes with froth enhancer and a cup-warming plate.
  • Additionally, the drip tray and grid is removable and the packaging includes a stainless steel espresso cup set and frothing jug
  • The customer service is superb and you will receive support instantly


  • Milk frothing is not out of the ordinary and it could have been better.
  • There have been complaints about the machine being high-maintenance. You do have to regularly clean the machine in order to get consistently good coffee

Breville does not disappoint when comes to facilities and quality. You can have your coffee instantly prepared with this machine. It is easy to operate and easy to clean. Plus, it also comes with a year of warranty from the manufacturer. The customer service is excellent and will be ever-ready to solve all your issues with the machine. It’s slightly more expensive than the aforementioned products, but it is by no means a waste of money.

Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine

Unlike the previously mentioned espresso makers, Mr. Coffee ECM160 looks like an actual machine, and it will fulfill all your cravings for a rich espresso brew. Also, if you feel like mixing things up, the frothing arm installed in the machine prepares creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes. The unit features an easy-pour glass carafe capable of serving up to 4 shots with just a tilt of the wrist. This superb machine is also among the #1 Best Sellers on Amazon.


  • For all the capabilities of the machine, it’s inexpensive and small, and will look good on any kitchen counter
  • The frother arm is strong, which also comes with the removable plastic tip
  • The machine is easy to clean. The drip tray is removable and washable
  • It does not make as much noise when compared to most espresso makers in its price range


  • There is nothing special about the tamper that is supplied in the packaging. It’s just a slightly-flattened coffee scooper
  • It feels wrong to complain considering the price, but there is no frothing pitcher

The Mr. Coffee ECM160 is worth considering if you have been looking for your own home espresso maker. It is capable of brewing 1-4 cups of coffee at a time. Also, you can brew cappuccinos and lattes thanks to the powerful frothing arm. This #1 Best Seller is packed with features, and you will hardly find anything like it in its price range.

Breville 800ESXL 15 Bar Triple Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

As is the trademark with Breville coffee machines, this one features a thermo-block heating system and comes with a 15-bar triple prime pump. The stainless-steel housing makes sure the product is durable and you have the selector dial for espresso, steam, or hot water. The purge function allows water temperature to be automatically adjusted after steaming for optimal espresso extraction temperature. It measures 12 by 10 by 12-1/2 inches.


  • The selector dial makes switching between espresso, steam, or hot water remarkably simple
  • The 4½ inches cup clearance allows larger cups to be placed on the tray
  • The swivel steam wand with frother allows you to instantly brew lattes and cappuccinos
  • It comes with filters, tamping tool, cleaning tool and stainless steel frothing pitcher
  • Additionally, it has the capability to automatically adjust water temperature after steaming for optimal espresso extraction temperature


  • It makes loud noise and vibrates quite a bit. This sight might actually even be funny if you didn’t have to pay so much for it!
  • There have been complaints about the machine releasing water into the tray, while supposedly adjusting the pressure and temperature. This affects the taste of the brew

Breville is popular for its quality line of coffee machines and superb customer service. This machine has been equipped with plenty of features, making it seem like a high-end coffee brewer. It is an amazing device, except the extra features such as purge function and tampers does not seem to be top-quality. It still manages to produce decent coffee and will serve your coffee needs right from the comfort of your home.

De’Longhi ECP3420 Espresso Machine

DeLonghi is an Italian manufacturer of small appliances, and is widely popular for its fantastic line of espresso machines. Among the long list of espresso machines from DeLonghi, The De’Longhi ECP3420 Espresso Machine] is one of the very best units – it’s inexpensive and equipped with plenty of features to stand out as your go-to espresso machine. The machine features a stainless steel boiler system and has been designed to last a while. It has neat design and will look great on your kitchen counter, giving you the perfect coffee every day right at home.


  • The stainless steel boiler system featured in the machine makes sure that you get a quality brew every time for years
  • The 37 ounce water reservoir is plenty for large cups of coffee, and will not require you to refill it frequently
  • The company has prioritized in making the start up preparation time minimum with the self priming operation programmed in the machine
  • The second tier drip tray allows accommodation of larger cups
  • It comes with a cup warmer at the top of the unit
  • Setting up the unit is easy, but make sure you read the instructions carefully and run a container of water through it to clean


  • The product is an upgrade to the long-time best seller from De’Longhi, the De’Longhi EC155 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker
  • Unlike the previous version, the packaging with this unit include three cups, one for one shot, two for two and likewise. Also, it comes with ESE pods
  • It is easier to clean because of its removable water tank, also, the espresso arm and the milk steamer is easy to clean
  • The 15-bar professional pressure featured in the machine assures the brewing to be delicious quality every time
  • Fitting larger cups is not an issue with the pre-installed second tier drip tray
  • It has a high-quality stainless steel boiler system, which will allow you to enjoy delicious espresso for years to come
  • With this product, you’ll be able to drink your favorite coffee beverages right at home, saving a lot of time and money
  • It features an advanced cappuccino system with hot milk or cappuccino selector, which will let you mix and steam milk to a rich, creamy froth for evenly-textured drinks


  • Unlike professional espresso machines, which will automatically stop once your espresso cup is full, this one does not. It would be nice if this unit was programmed to know how much 3-4 oz was
  • Although easily fixable, do not be surprised if you come across some glitches once in a while. The hiccups might include horrific noises from the machine, water being spewed or something similar. Emptying the strainer and refilling it after thoroughly cleaning it should help you solve this problem
  • The plastic tamper included in the package does not have enough pressure to pack the espresso in; it would be best to buy a metal tamper
  • Despite a few additions, there is no need to upgrade to this unit if you own the previous model and it still works fine, as the newer model will set you back an additional 50 bucks

Overall, the De’Longhi ECP3420 Espresso Machine is a fantastic coffee maker. This espresso maker is packed with features and is dedicated to serve you for a long time with delicious cups of coffee. You do not have to bother heading out to your local café every time you crave a drink; this machine allows instant preparation of coffee. Granted, it does have its slight cons, but nothing that can’t be adjusted; the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Valued at $50 more expensive than the older model, it’s still great value for money.

Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Mr. Coffee is a popular brand because of its affordable and durable line of espresso makers. The Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Machine is one of the finest products from Mr. Coffee. This machine is inexpensive, yet packed with handy features. Its most unique feature is its dual-shot brewing system, which is rarely found in other machines of a similar price. This machine also has a thermal block heating system for the fast-brewing and heating of your beverages. It’s easy to clean with its removable drip tray and water tank and a complete package at an affordable price.


  • The 15-bar pump system provides powerful pressure for the extraction of a dark, rich espresso brew
  • It features a frothing arm that makes creamy froth to top off your cappuccinos and lattes
  • The unique dual-shot brewing can prepare 2 single shots in two different cups at once
  • Brewing and heating is at barista-speed with the thermal block heating system featured in this product
  • The 40 ounce water tank allows you to brew shot after shot without needing to refill frequently
  • The drip tray is placed to collect coffee drips and is removable and washable.
  • It comes with one-touch brew and steam controls, and ready indicator lights for fast and easy brewing
  • It includes single- and double-shot filters


  • The manual is incredibly easy to use. The directions and instructions on all pages are simple and effective
  • The unit is compact and it has a stylish to look it that is bound to add charm to your kitchen counter
  • Cleaning up is a hassle in even the best products out there. With this machine, all parts such as the drip tray and removable water reservoir detach easily to be cleaned
  • The steam feature is simple and powerful, which works great
  • Making 2 single shots at once is not a problem with the dual-shot brewing feature on this model
  • The controls are easy since it features one-touch brew and steam controls. Also, the indicator lights prove really handy to make brewing fast and easy


  • The unit lacks an automatic drip feature, and you will need to manually stop the pouring to avoid overflow and ruining the taste of your coffee. Give it a second after the color changes to light brown; otherwise, you’re going to be drinking mediocre coffee at best. Which is a common complaint
  • It does not come with a frothing pitcher so you’ll need to buy a separate one. Make sure that the frothing pitcher is not too deep or the frothing wand won’t be able to reach the milk
  • The major complaint about this machine has been about the company’s customer service. So, if your machine shows problems early on, there isn’t much hope for it when you make a call to the customer service. Otherwise, it’s a reliable product
  • This machine is noisy, which is not a problem for most but it’s all about your personal preferences

If you want to save time and money, this is the perfect unit for you. It’s remarkably inexpensive compared to machines offering similar features. You can brew delicious espressos, cappuccinos and lattes with ease. Just don’t forget to read the instructions carefully about the operation of the machine and the process needed to clean it; although it’s easy to clean, there are parts in the machine which should never be introduced to the dish washer - you would be wise to keep that in mind. Handle with care and this one-time investment will provide you with free coffee for years to come.

Best Espresso Maker-Right on Your Stovetop!

Today we are doing reviews on the best espresso maker. These are different than the espresso machines in that the espresso makers are basically made on the stovetops, where the espresso machines are actual machines like the ones in your coffee shops and cafes. As you can see, the espresso makers are much cheaper than the espresso machines. This is one big reason that people like these better than the machines. Here are the top 2 espresso makers on Amazon. We hope you can choose between the 2 because they are both very good!!

Kona French Press

The Kona French Press is among the #1 Best Seller products on Amazon. This espresso maker is simple and effective and produces a delicious espresso. It’s capable of holding 32 oz, which would be 1 liter or 8 cups. The glass pitcher produces a smooth, rich, gourmet taste. The company claims the machine to be at its best when combined with a manual coffee grinder for espresso lovers. The product is durable and sturdy; also, it comes with a convenient handle for effortless pouring onto a mug. It is an amazing espresso maker and very affordable.


  • The classic method used in this unit effectively extracts any coffee bean’s essential oils, and delivers unique flavor directly to the cup
  • The manufacturers have taken taste and durability into consideration and introduced a 3-piece stainless steel infuser filter system that insures nothing comes between your beans and the coffee
  • The unit looks stylish and is simple and easy to operate
  • The glass teapot is of high quality borosilicate glass that is resistant to thermal shock. Also, the large pot features a protective design to minimize breakage
  • It can also be used to brew cold iced coffee and iced tea


  • Although the French press works great, it is very difficult to clean
  • The device does not fit tightly enough. You’ll be forced to hold the lid down while pouring the coffee

Kona French Press is a simple yet expensive-looking espresso maker. The device is super easy to operate and you will get fine coffee every time. Also, you can still make the best of it in summer with cold iced coffee and iced tea. For all those features, it is surprisingly inexpensive. The fact that it is also in the #1 Best Seller category on Amazon should help to make up your mind about the product.

Bialetti 6-Cup Stovetop Espresso Maker

Another fantastic espresso maker on the list is the Bialetti Stovetop Espresso Maker. By the looks of it, it appears to be a giant mug; however, there is plenty more to it. This stovetop brewer is made of durable polished aluminum in a unique octagon shape. The flip-up top and side-pour spout adds to the convenience of the unit. With this machine, you have variety of color and size options; you can choose between 5 size options (1 cup to 12 cup) and the company offers 5 different colors. 


  • The unit is sturdy and well-built, and consists of only five parts, all of which are metal or heavy-duty plastic. This could last ages if properly cared for
  • This brilliant-looking unit produces amazing espresso. The handle it features makes it easy to carry around and easy to pour
  • The unit is easy to clean. It can be hand washed with warm soapy water and rinsed clean. Note: Do not put it in the dish washer and do not use dish detergents


  • The 6-cup stovetop is not actually 6 cups (American); it’s more like 5 oz of strong coffee. This is not false advertisement from the company; it’s just that Italians don’t drink coffee in big ole mugs
  • If you haven’t used it regularly, the coffee will not be as tasty. Also, it should only be hand-washed

The Bialetti is one of the best espresso makers you can find at this price. The polished aluminum used for its construction assures its durability. As long as you use the unit regularly, you will be able to brew delicious coffee. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully in order to not damage this machine. You can choose 5 different colors with an equal number of size options, so that’s a plus.

Best Automatic Espresso Machine-Our Top Picks

You’re bringing your favorite coffee shop home when you buy an automatic espresso maker. Having to manually grind the beans every time you need to get an espresso is time-consuming, and often it becomes a compromise between taste and convenience. That is exactly where automatic espresso machines come in.

Automatic espresso machines feature an integrated burr grinder, allowing you to go from beans to espresso in no time. These machines feature intuitive controls and are built for quality and reliability. A quality espresso maker will cost you above $500, generally.

There are hundreds of companies who produce coffee machines, and choosing the best among them is a much harder task than it needs to be. Here’s a list of the best automatic espresso machines in the business.

Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Brevile Espresso machine is among the best. It’s got a quality design and holds a reasonable price tag. It comes with 15-bar Italian pump and 1600W thermo coil heating system. The machine has been programmed to automatically adjust water temperature after steaming, for optimal espresso extraction temperature. The removable water tank is capable of 2L and comes with a handle. It’s available in 3 different colors; stainless steel, black sesame and cranberry red.


  • The unit features stainless steel conical burr grinder with ½ lb. sealed bean hopper, so you can turn beans into coffee instantly. Hopper has a locking system for easy removal, storage and transfer of coffee beans
  • The grind setting programmed in the machine allows you to choose from fine to coarse and adjust the amount of freshly ground espresso to be dosed into the filter basket
  • The filter size button allows you to choose a single or double wall filter basket
  • It comes with a removable 2L water tank with handle, which makes it easy to clean
  • The water temperature after steaming can be automatically adjusted for optimal espresso extraction temperature because of the purge function equipped in the machine
  • It features a 360 degree swivel action steam wand for milk texturing
  • The drip tray is removable and partitioned for both wet and dry spills


  • The reliability of the product has been questioned by some customers who claim that the machine requires high maintenance
  • It is meant for home use, and might not be able to withstand the pressure of commercial use (like 100 cups a day)

This is another addition to the fantastic line of coffee makers from Breville. The machine is easy to clean with its removable drip dray and water tank. The 1600W thermo coil heating system works great and the burr grinder instantly grinds your beans to be brewed into fantastic coffee.

There are variety of settings that allow you to control everything from the filter type to pressure and temperature. Also, it’s inexpensive compared to similar products from other brands.

Krups EA8250 Espresseria Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Krups has lived up to its reputation as the finest coffee maker manufacturer with the EA8250. The compact thermoblock system ensures consistently hot coffee from the first cup. The intuitive LCD display makes recipe selection easy and the steam nozzle is easy to use for creamy latte drinks. The removable water tank is capable of 1.8L and the drip tray is also removable, which makes it easy to clean. It comes with a standard 2-year worldwide warranty from the company.


  • The unique patented thermoblock system makes the machine preheat faster and also guarantees a perfect tamping, temperature and time management for extraction
  • The LCD screen and ergonomic knob is easy to navigate
  • The metallic conical grinder ensures consistency of the ground coffee in terms of sizes; also, you can choose a finer or coarser setting
  • It is energy efficient and has an auto-off timer


  • The short steam wand is not helpful as milk frothing always leads to spills on the machine and the counter. The solution would be to use minimum amount of milk
  • The removable water tray is too small, requiring more clean up

Krups’ EA8250 has got a fair share of pros and cons, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It’s easy to clean and easy to operate. With this machine, you can be assured that you’ll receive hot coffee consistently each and every time and the coffee tastes amazing, too. Also, the machine is easy to clean and maintain. You will not find anything with this many features in the same price range.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Like most DeLonghi products, the ESAM3300 is easy to use and comes with many handy features. The rotary and push button control panel with programmable menu settings make coffee-making an effortless task. It features a conical, low-pitch burr grinder that grinds beans instantly to produce your hot coffee.

The double boiler system allows you to switch between preparing espresso and cappuccino without any hassle. The power required for this unit is 1150 watts.


  • The beans-to-brew system provides a delicious aroma with the coffee as it is freshly ground. Also, no traces of stale grounds are left in the machine
  • The special instant reheat function makes sure that your machine is always at the ideal temperature for espresso, regardless of the interval between cups
  • The exclusive cup tray has been placed to keep the cups warm before use
  • The coffee making system is easy to clean


  • The customer service of this product isn’t up to the standard of its brand name. Poor customer service has been the most frequent complaints about the machine
  • The product is said to only function until the time of its warranty, give or take few months. Regular cleaning and using non-oily beans could increase the life of the machine

DeLonghi is a fantastic coffee maker, and it does not disappoint in terms of quality of the unit. The coffee tastes great and the aroma is superb. The machine is easy to clean, although you will need to study the instructions carefully. It features easy to use buttons and configuring the menu settings is an effortless task. There are cons, like every other thing on the market, but know what you’re buying and it’s certainly worth it.


All three machines are automatic and have been built with one single purpose; to allow you to prepare delicious coffee right at home. You can switch between coffee types with ease with all three products.

Comparing the three products, Breville’s maker edges the others out in terms of quality. It’s meant for home use only, but will not leave you any area to complain. It’s super easy to operate and cleaning is hassle free. Also, it’s cheaper than other machines.

Study the automatic espresso machine reviews carefully, and you will see that DeLonghi and Krups are fine products indeed. Krups mainly focuses on effortless brewing and consistently hot coffee with its unique thermoblock system. On the other hand, DeLonghi produces amazing coffee with a delicious aroma. You will not regret going with either of the machines.

Note: Make sure you clean your espresso machine regularly, as it can hamper the taste and aroma of the coffee. Read the instructions carefully before you start brewing and it’s best to use non-oily beans for the longevity of whatever device you choose.

Whew!!! That is a lot of reviews. We hope that this information will help you make an educated decision when purchasing the best espresso machine. Thanks for stopping by our site and please come back!

How To Clean Your Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are indeed essential to provide delicious cups of coffee. These costly appliances have to be maintained in excellent condition to make sure that the coffee made is always of the best possible quality. Most coffee shops don't take the time to maintain their bar additions like an espresso machine and their coffee grinder. That said cleaning your espresso machine does not take more than 10 minutes and it pays off regarding customer satisfaction. Below we walk you through the steps required to clean an espresso machine.

Start by getting a clean lint free cloth and rinse it with hot water to wipe the steam wands. The idea here is to remove the stains and stickiness from this area. However, do not use sharp materials to scrape off anything since it will result in scratches. If you see that the wand is threaded, you can unscrew it and then give it a thorough wash. The inner parts of the tip can be cleaned using a thin wire.

Fill a small bucket with around 3 inches of hot water. Then pour is some commercial espresso machine cleaning fluid after which you can soak the parts in this overnight. Using a screwdriver, you can take out the basket. Start by cleaning the filter basket using running water / under a tap. You can use some soap if required. You can then put the basket into the bucket solution for the overnight soak. Add half a teaspoon of espresso cleaning fluid into a blind filter.

Then lock the group handle and use the manual button to flush all the water into this group head. This will cause the cleaner to start a backwash directly to the machine which will also de-scale it. However, you shouldn't just turn the water on because it will burn out the machine's solenoid which is responsible for operating the valve. You can instead hold the button for overriding for around 3 seconds, and then turn the button off to repeat it again ten times. After doing this, the next thing you should do is to turn off the espresso machine to open the steam wands to purge the steam and de-pressurize it fully. You can leave it open around 8 hours. Within the group, head is the shower heads. Just look inside the group head, and you will see them. There is a small screw that holds the shower screen as well as a brass plate. Simply, you can unscrew the plate and the screen.

Then you can scrub them both using a scouring paid and add all of them to the bucket we prepared earlier. Wipe clean after use - This is the part that most people get wrong, after making your delicious cup of espresso; you need to wipe your espresso machine. Many people forget about it cleaning the machine as soon as they have their cup of coffee. You should always wipe the outside of the machine with a clean, wet nonabrasive piece of cloth Run water through the machine - After making your cup of coffee, you should run clean water through the machine. However, there is one thing that you should never do, never add detergents to the water that you run through your espresso machine. Doing so will only affect the taste and the smell of the coffee. That simply means that your coffee might have a detergent taste.

Clean all the removable parts of the espresso machine - You should take off all the removable parts of the machine and wash them with clean water thoroughly. This not only ensures that your machine makes the best coffee, but it also ensures that the coffee is hygienic. Use white vinegar - The white vinegar is used to remove any buildup of minerals on your machine. However, you should not run vinegar alone. What you need to do is make a mixture that has equal amounts of vinegar and water and then runs the mixture through the machine. After that, you should run plain water to rinse.

• Clean the appliance daily to avoid build-up of coffee grounds. Start by running water on the portafilter after every shot of coffee. You should also clean the group gasket using a group head brush since the gasket accumulates a lot of debris during use. Finally, you should also soak the portafilter equipment in high-quality detergent for at least 30 minutes before scrubbing it. It is best to use a detergent which has been designed to be used in an espresso machine.

• Perform a full back flush to get rid of the buildup of stale coffee oils. The first few back-flushes should be done using espresso machine detergent, and they should be followed by plain water back-flushes. If the machine is used at home, then this should be done every month only.

• Flushing the drip tray with hot water ensures that excess coffee grounds can be removed from the exit tubing.

• Dismantle the steam wand and scrub it from inside using a pipe cleaner . Not only will this ensure that wand is as clean as possible by dislodging any build up, but you can also check for broken and damaged parts and get them repaired or replaced without delay. Pay particular attention to the gaskets because they tend to malfunction after prolonged use.

• Look out for leakage in the group head because this can indicate that the gasket needs replacing. The quality of the coffee and the percentage of extraction decreases drastically when the gasket becomes brittle.

• Check whether the pressure gauges are working properly or else the coffee will not have the right taste or right temperature to bring the best taste required. The steam pressure required is 0.8-1.2 atmospheres whereas the pump pressure has to be 8-9 atmospheres. Pull out all the gratings connected to the drip tray and then pull out the tray to drain it. Then clean the drip tray as well as the gratings after which you can leave them to dry overnight. Make sure that you don't put them back into your machine until they are 100% dry. Here is a really nice video on how to clean your home espresso machine.

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